Children’s pop musician & songwriter, Paul Nye, is a “front line soldier” in the sense that he is in front of elementary students nearly 200 days a year as a performer of children’s pop music, an elementary school paraprofessional, and all-around fun & goofy guy.

As a former award-winning journalist and published songwriter & musician, Paul has a passion for all forms of communication and brings that passion to the classroom in an energetic and entertaining manner.  He has developed a unique way of effectively communicating the wonder of imagination and creativity to elementary school kids in a fun and engaging way through original music, storytelling, and interaction.

His latest CD, Who Put Mascara On My Zebra? is a clever, fun recording of upbeat, original songs that strike a creative balance between teaching positive values and silly fun that relates well to kids. When Paul is performing in front of wide-eyed, imaginative elementary school children, he brings a fresh, practical approach that fascinates young students and makes them a part of the creative process.

Paul’s gift is that he interacts with kids on their level—speaking to, and with them. In his neighborhood, he’s known as “the oldest third grader in town.”

Paul's Favorite Albums:

• Anything by Bruce Cockburn

Notes from Elsewhere by Peter
  Mulvey (great disc of 17 acoustic 

• Tommy Emmanuel (any album)

• Pete Huttlinger (one of Paul's
   favorite guitarists)

• Trace Bundy (guitarist from
   Boulder, CO. Go on YouTube and
   type in his name
. His playing is
   astounding & unique)

• Check out Theresa Andersson's
   Bird's Fly Away on YouTube